Response & Recovery

ASI has on staff a logistics capability that assures a continuation of business operation or municipality during and after unexpected events.

For Buildings:

  • Priority restoration of services by our ASI Logistical Response Team
  • Communication, Command and Control Center development and maintenance
  • Mirrored backup site development and maintenance
  • Alternate site development and maintenance
  • Recovery site development and maintenance
  • Cache sites development and maintenance
  • Safe Room development and maintenance
  • Information Technology (IT) Protection and Redundancy
  • Alternate Power Sources (solar, battery, carbon, aqua turbine)
  • Generators delivered or pre-positioned generators.
  • Facilitators for MOUs /agreements with vendors before events
  • Accountability of assets
  • Liability estimates

For Human Resources:

  • Accountability of people
  • Pre-established agreements for transportation to alternate sites/ homes (via land, air, or sea)
  • Pre-established MOUs with vendors including emergency housing, food, and water

For municipalities:

  • Comprehensive critical infrastructure resource restoration and management