Fire Safety Planning

When it comes to constructing new facilities, retrofitting structures or updating EAPs, ASI is a leader in the fire-and-life safety industry. We provide services for high-rise buildings, both office and hotel occupancy.

From start-up construction to retrofitting structures to updating existing plans. Plans will cover Local Law #5 FDNY compliance in New York City and local laws for other cities. Our plans ensure that your facility is prepared before a fire-related emergency occurs.

CONSTRUCTION SITE SAFETY PLANNING: For the construction industry, ASI offers full-site safety, HAZCOM, fire, and evacuation plans and programs. We provide 10- and 30-hour OSHA construction-safety classes. Full-site safety supervision and management services are available for contract or consultation.

TRAINING and EXERCISES: We run the gamut from full-scale exercises and evacuations to online training. We also offer classroom-based and interactive state-of-the-art simulations, all catered to the needs of our clients.

FIRE DRILLS: ASI goes beyond basic compliance. In New York City, Local Law #5 requires a fire drill every six months. We will ensure that occupants know how to respond to a fire-related emergency through realistic drills.

FIRE WARDEN TRAINING: In an emergency it is imperative that your fire wardens, deputy fire wardens, and searchers react as professionals. We tailor our seminars to fit the needs and schedules of our clients’ companies. In addition, the seminars are both cost-effective and comprehensive.

FIRE BRIGADE TRAINING: Our career fire professionals will train your staff in all areas necessary for proper brigade response. Training includes everything from fire-department notification and evacuation procedures, to the correct portable fire extinguisher usage.

PREVENTIVE SERVICES: ASI will evaluate and make recommendations onsite to prevent violations and correct oversights. We offer a full building inspection by career professionals who know what to look for above and beyond basic compliance. At ASI we always look to the end-user: If your building is safe for your tenants and staff, it will be considered safe by inspectors. Our assessment reports are both easy to read and comprehensive.

REDUCTION of OWNERSHIP and MANAGEMENT LIABILITY: We provide written proof that your building exceeds compliance to local laws, hence reducing liability. and insurance rates.

FIRE and BUILDING CODE COMPLIANCE: We pride ourselves on being ahead of the crowd with emerging industry issues, whether related to building compliance or new developments. We will make recommendations and will alert you to a potential problem.

VIOLATION CORRECTION: The process of correcting violations can be cumbersome and time-consuming. ASI will make recommendations, provide proper documentation, and expedite the process.