Core Values

Our Mission:
We believe in a multi-disciplinary, asymmetric, multi-hazard approach to all areas of emergency preparedness. ASI uses this holistic view to offer professional products and services that are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. We are objective and mission based, our team stands by our recommendations and offers realistic solutions at competitive cost.

Our Core Values:
Professionalism: ASI employs only bona fide professionals for each discipline necessary for the completion of our client's specific needs.

Integrity: Your concerns become our concerns. We operate under strict accountability guidelines with expectations and timelines clearly spelled out.

Communication: We are living in a different era where communication has been identified as a key to success in any operation or business. ASI values our commitment to open lines of communication between us and our clients in a format that is customer-driven.

Collaboration: ASI understands that success comes with teamwork and cooperation, both within our organization and the client's organization.