Emergency-Action Plan Sustainability

Are you suffering from EAP myopia? So your plan has been accepted by New York Fire Department, now what? The plan is the guide; the practice, training and education are the keys to success. Many of our newer clients have hired us to review and evaluate their current EAP before helping them put their plan into action. A plan should be your resource document; all actions that follow should not need to be referenced by your staff or tenants. Those critical actions should become second nature.

We will help sustain your plan.

ASI will keep you informed on emerging issues relating to NYC Local Law #5 and #26.

We offer comprehensive fire-protection and emergency-action plan programs that fulfill New York City requirements of Local Law #5/73 and Local Law #26/04.

ASI will:

1. Review and update current fire-safety or emergency-action plans
2. Test fire-safety or emergency-action plans
3. Train and drill building staff and tenants
4. Keep buildings up-to-date in all aspects of compliance and preparedness and inform clients about new and emerging issues regarding Local Law#5/73 and #26/04, including emerging building-code issues